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Thank you for a great start to the 2018-2019 school year! We are grateful to have you and your child in our Trailblazer family. Here at Morris, we want your student to honor the MORRIS Trailblazer Code every day and have included some policies and procedures we have in place to ensure the success of our trailblazers.  As always, we invite you to call, email, or visit if you have questions.  We appreciate your support and look forward to working together to get your student to master the habits of success.

Dress Code

In preparation for career readiness, we ask that you help us ensure your child follows the district dress code. We are working to ensure all trailblazers are in dress code at all times.  All students must follow the district dress code which includes an appropriate shirt, solid jeans, pants or  denim and khaki shorts (cargo bottoms are not allowed), the use of a belt, and a shirt that is tucked in at all items.  Students can also wear a Morris spirit shirt or a college shirt.  Clear or mesh backpacks are allowed. Consequences will be given for dress code violations. For more specific information on dress code, please visit the district website.


To ensure our students master the habits of success we need them to be at school every day on time.  The doors to the building will open at 7:55am and breakfast will be served beginning at 8:00am. Students will not be supervised outside of the building prior to 7:55 am. Please ensure your student does not arrive prior to this time. All students not eating breakfast are expected to sit quietly and read prior to the start of school, which is at 8:40am. Please ensure your child is on time.  In the event your student is absent, district policy requires he/she submit an absence note within two days. If a student is absent for three or more consecutive days, students should submit a medical note.

We look forward to partnering with you to ensure your student’s success, and remember your child is…

                                  #alwaysatrailblazer !

The Trailblazer Code

Motivate Yourself and Others

    My words will help others be their personal best.

Offer Your Best

    My actions will benefit our school community.

Respect Yourself and Others

    I will treat others the way I expect others to treat me.

Remain Responsible

    I will consistently work toward achieving my
personal goal.

nspire Others With Your Actions

    I will be helpful to others.

Strive to Succeed

    I will continue to learn every day.




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August 26, no eventsAugust 27, no eventsAugust 28, no eventsAugust 29, no eventsAugust 30, no eventsAugust 31, no eventsSeptember 01, no events
September 02, no events3September 04, no events567September 08, no events
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September 16, no eventsSeptember 17, no events18September 19, no eventsSeptember 20, no eventsSeptember 21, no eventsSeptember 22, no events
Today, September 23, no eventsSeptember 24, no eventsSeptember 25, no events26September 27, no eventsSeptember 28, no eventsSeptember 29, no events
September 30, no eventsOctober 01, no eventsOctober 02, no eventsOctober 03, no eventsOctober 04, no eventsOctober 05, no eventsOctober 06, no events

Upcoming Events

The  2016-2017 Federal Report Card for Morris Middle School is available at:

Please note that the district and state report links will be available on the district website by March 5.


About Us


Allison Lewallen, Principal
Robin Cate, Assistant Principal (A-G)
Jamie Otto, Assistant Principal (H-O)
Alex Sanchez, Assistant Principal (P-Z)

Kim Edwards, Counselor (6th Grade)
Lindsey Jacob, Counselor (5th Grade)

Billie and Kathleen Morris Middle School

At Morris Middle School we will support students and provide them an opportunity to master the habits of success by working together as a family to better students, each other, and our community.


Trailblazers Guidelines for Success

* Motivate yourself and Others
* Offer Your Best
* Respect Yourself and Others
* Remain Responsible
* Inspire Others with Your Actions
* Strive to Succeed!